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Central Fife Companions

Central Fife Companions provide friendly, professional, confidential and supportive services to those who need or want a companion to help them enjoy their lives at a fair and reasonable cost. If you feel isolated and want help getting out and about then we are here to support your needs. A companion can offer help with travel arrangements, assist with journeys to and from appointments. Other activities could include watching films together, planning interesting activities and trips,  attending concerts,  sporting events and taking advantage of the other opportunities that will allow you to enjoy your life.  The companionship service we offer is incredibly important to help those who have feelings of loneliness and isolation.  Not only will our service ensure that you feel more confident, it will  perhaps inspire you to undertake more activities and give you the confidence to reach out in other directions.

Supporting your needs.

As the customer you decide where, when and what you want to do.  Shopping, cinema, visiting areas of interest or sporting events or  meeting up with friends and family. We can organise and facilitate your trip by providing  a friendly companion service that's tapered to your needs.  We can simply visit to talk or meet what ever your companion needs are.  A companion can essentially become a great friend to you and help with day to day tasks or activities.  A companion will be there to talk to and reminisce about the past, discuss news, films or books and provide company.

The right team for the right job!

Our friendly and helpful team are there to help you and cater for your needs.  We have over 60 years experience between our staff in the care field.  We realise the need for people to connect and share life experiences and to get out there with confidence.  More than that we will help you get the most out of life and provide a helping hand and a friendly face when you want it.  We offer a flexible and engaging companionship service at a reasonable price. We will match you to one of our team through  interests and personalities to ensure that the foundation of common feelings are there to build a solid relationship. This friendship is key to all of our companions and we believe that this is the best way to truly taper our service to the requests of each individual.